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Sixt Montreal Airport

When landing at Montreal Airport, the transport selection that is most comfortable is one that is booked with Sixt car hire which is stationed on the grounds of the airport. You may find that it is very frustrating trying to choose the best rental company so the airport has conveniently done the filtering and used some of the best and reputable car rental services to make the customer’s life easier. The result of the filtering is in regards to vehicle brand and price. If you are going to need a lot of space Sixt is able to provide you with several choices of big vehicles such as 7-seater as well as a minivan. This selection can be done right at the Montreal Airport location.

There are times when the vehicle model you choose has all been booked out. In this case, they will give you a model that is similar to the one you want. This is the reason why it is recommended that you book your Mercedes Vito, for example, very early because it will be difficult or impossible to find one when the season is in full gear. However, you will not be too disappointed if you totally forgot to book early or the vehicle you want is not available. The alternative that they choose for you will be just as great. Using the Sixt rental service for your car hire needs will prove to be the one of the best moves you can make on your travel. As soon as you have arranged for car hire and leave the airport you will see that the rest of your travel plans are efficient. You get to choose from a wide range of vehicles in accordance to what you need.

It is not recommended that you choose a car hire from any company if your intention is to only remain in the city during your holiday and this is because the roads are usually very congested and it is difficult to find parking. However, when you are ready to explore the Quebec province surrounding areas, Sixt car hire will be waiting to accommodate you and give you the complete flexibility that you desire. Visitors to the city need to discover the center or downtown area of the location. This is because it is loaded with interesting and exciting boutiques, galleries and museums. Their car hire will reliably take you to the charming Jean Talon Public Market with the never-ending stalls and the option to have a taste of their produce.

Québec City is accessible within a day trip by car hire, but it is well worth overnight stop. Mont Tremblant is less than two hours away, and Ottawa, the bilingual capital of Canada, is also around two hours away. With car rental you're within easy reach of the Eastern Townships, a region of Québec with a unique architectural and cultural heritage, including the winery region of Dunham, and Granby, which is known for its zoo. You might also consider a short trip to Boston and New England, which is about five hours drive away, providing your car rental company is happy to cross-border use of the vehicle.

Use our price comparison tool for cheap car hire in Montréal then book in advance to reserve your vehicle and rate. An airport pickup is worth considering, to facilitate transfer to your hotel, as well as to give you the convenience and freedom of car hire from the very start of your visit.