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Montreal Tourist Attractions

It is not difficult to get around Montreal; certainly not with the great transit system that it boasts. This includes buses as well as a far reaching Metro service that covers the city. There is also a dependable bus network being operated in the night too. The common transportation modes are bikes, taxis and car hire.

After enjoying the wonderful attraction of the Montreal Airport, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Sightseeing on foot is highly recommended in this city. This is so important that a Montreal Underground Pedestrian Network has been designed and is accessible from the region of downtown. This consists of a 30km system of walkways. The residents in Montreal enjoy walking this area that is generally quite busy with its 1,700 enticing restaurants and shops. Also on the pedestrian walkway are several attractions as well as cinemas, theatres and hotels. There is so much to offer to visitors to Montreal. There is the opportunity to cruise on the St. Lawrence River, go and see the Montreal City Hall, Museum of History and Archaeology, the Museum of Contemporary Art and others. It is recommended that if you want lasting memories that you visit Notre-Dame Basilica, one of the several splendid Montreal churches.

Magicians and musicians happily entertain visitors at an exciting venue called Place Jacques-Cartier. You also have to make sure that you end up at St. George’s Road, Sucreriede la Montagne to get a feel of the Canadian folklore. Other interesting places include The Biospere and the Dow Planetarium which are designed for environmental awareness purposes. A great area for biking is the Olympic Stadium which was erected for the Olympics in 1976 and considered a controversial site.

Shoppers have numerous boutiques, discount warehouses and department stores to do their selections. There is the Complexe Desjardins or Centre Rockland as well as Cours Mont-Royal. This last one is considered one of the most expensive shopping centers that are located in Montreal downtown.

You can have a go at the city’s French cuisine in the downtown area at AlexandreEtfils or Barroco that is positioned in the neighborhood of Old Montreal. The Bateau-Mouche dinner cruise can be considered if you are looking for a special treat or take pleasure in a Beau Rivage Bistro casual meal. Montreal houses several bars and clubs for night time pleasure. One other experience which is recommended is Altitude 737 that is located in Montreal’s tallest building.

For one-timers or regular visitors, Montreal, the nearly 200 year old city, always provide a new thing to discover. This includes Old Montreal (Vieux-Montreal), a historic district that is proud of its enriching architecture and museums and restaurants. Visit Mount Royal that houses many parks with Mount Royal Park being the biggest one. Take a visit during summertime and enjoy the bike path as well as their hiking trail. The winter takes seasonal skiers on the ski slopes.

A Montreal things-to-do list is not complete without arranging to experience Old Port Dog Sledding, visiting underground cities, salsa dancing, as well as restaurants that take great pleasure in providing chocolate goodness. There will be no shortage of things to do in Montreal but rather how you will be able to get the most out of your visit. Generally, the traveler and tourist attractions and haunts show only one aspect of Montreal. Therefore if you are desirous of delving a bit into the not-so-obvious side, you have to go out and see the unusual things that are there to do. Here you will experience Montreal’s side that is reported to be pleasantly surprising and unforgettable.