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Montreal Airport Trains

A great way to eliminate the problem of contending with traffic when going to or from the airport is to ride the VIA train whose route begins at Dorval station and go right into Montreal downtown. The ride is only for twenty minutes and the great thing is that you get to save the $38 that you would have to spend on taxi fare.

The cost for the ticket is $12 (before tax) going in one direction (to and from) and this is for travelers that are connected between the city and the Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The ticket should be purchased from an agent at VIA Rail. There is no need to book in advance as you can hop onto any train that is travelling in a direction towards Toronto and Ottawa. If there is no seating on the train when you get on, you have the opportunity to stand as the journey is not long. The cost of the train ticket into Dorval will include AirConnect service if you are heading west of Dorval when you depart from the VIA Rail station.

The breathtaking landscapes as well as the opportunity to meet new people are the reasons why a train ride is hardly boring. It is no secret at all that children absolutely love riding on trains. Therefore you will be pleased to know that VIA trains love and look out for them too. On the majority of routes, the children are given special treats to make the trip even more exciting. If this is the first time you are travelling by train or you do not travel on train often, there are some general things that you need to be aware of:

  • VIA Rail gives passengers as well as employees a safe and respectful surrounding and as such there are some behaviors that will be considered unsafe and disrespectful and will certainly not be entertained
  • Physical and verbal abuse
  • Putting someone’s life in danger or thwarting safe operation of the train
  • Intimidating behavior – harassment or threat
  • Disorderly conduct – intoxication and others
  • Disregarding smoking regulations
  • Distributing or consuming illegal substances like narcotics or alcoholic beverages
  • Evidence of having a weapon in your possession or declaring that you or someone else is carrying a weapon

If any of the above mentioned unsafe or disrespectful behavior is displayed, the passenger may be prevented from travelling on the train. It is possible that the police will get involved and result in the offender(s) being prosecuted.