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Montreal Airport Arrivals

Several persons who fly frequently, especially when Montreal Airport is their main departure and arrival destination, will be aware that sometimes the monitors displaying the status of the flight will be showing different information than what is shown at the gate. This is because the FAA provides the data to the airport relating to flight arrival and departure – all US flights are monitored by the FAA. The information at the gate is not specific to any airline and is not provided by the FAA but from the operation center of the airline. Because of this, if there is mechanical interruption, for example, that the FAA does not know about, this may result in the times being different on the monitors and the gate. This can certainly be frustrating so it is recommended that you ensure that the gate is double-checked as they may have the information that is more up-to-date.

The arrival times that the Airport schedules are generally on time but there are times when certain factors affect the flight arrival times; for example, the weather: flying through snow squall or thunderstorm or the requirement to have the aircraft de-iced. Air traffic can be caused by several factors. Congestion sometimes requires that air traffic controllers delay a few flights in a recommended form before they get the go ahead to land. At the airport, there may be an inconsistency in the information as it might be reported that the flight has arrived when it is circling the air. Mechanical problems can also cause delay to flight arrivals. If the mechanical issue developed while the plane is in the air, there may be a re-routing of the flight to another landing area. The information from the FAA may not be quick in updating the arrival schedule and individuals on the ground may believe things are running as schedule when in fact, the flight has landed somewhere else.