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Montreal Airport Departures

Like arrivals, departures at Montreal Airport are usually on time but can be delayed for various reasons. The weather is maybe the reason that is most common and this can affect three areas of flight schedules – in-flight, origin airport as well as the airport point of destination. The weather can cause the departure flight to be delayed in several ways like when going through a thunderstorm. These issues generally result in the lingering impact on the Montreal Airport because when an aircraft is not able to depart as scheduled, flights set to fly at a later time have to be pushed back because of traffic build up.

The same factors affecting arrivals will also affect departures and these include, in addition to the weather, air traffic – congestion, go-arounds, which is intentional and done when the aircraft cannot land at the airport because the situation is not safe, and also mechanical problems. Other reasons for departure flights being delayed may be because a flight came in and a particular aircraft which is about to depart is the connecting flight for passengers on the newly arrived flight. One other reason could be flight crew members being delayed on their way to work and the flight cannot depart without these individuals.

Several of these issues and factors may not be reported to the FAA and this can result in the display departure monitors reflecting information that does not correspond with what is at the gate. The updates from the gate are more up-to-date as the FAA, which supervises every US flight, may take longer to get the relevant information, and also because the gate data is centered on a particular airline and is coming straight from the operations main area of the airline and not via the FAA. Make sure that the information at the gate is checked when you want to know the latest on the airline’s flight departures.