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Montreal Airport Transfers & Taxis

The Montreal Airport is easily accessible by any mode of transportation to and from the location. Not all the taxis are yellow in color and you will notice that an ordinary car is a taxi by the light on the top that is common to taxis. A taxi is accessible at the arrivals section close to the central exit found at the front part of the cloakroom and you will be assisted by a dispatcher. The tax usually holds four passengers – one beside the driver up front and three in the back seats. You can get a taxi by hailing one on the street as well as at the several taxi stands that are positioned in different areas downtown. You should enter the first car that is on the stand. Bear in mind that you are not permitted to signal a taxi about a half block (60 meters) of the taxi stand.

You do not get to negotiate the fare as the taxis use meters. Also, no surcharge is required for service in the evening. Starting January 28, 2012, the taxi fares start at $3.45, $1.7 per kilometer added and for every minute that the taxi is not moving while in traffic, a $0.63 per minute is charged. The fixed price for travelling to and from the airport as well as the heart of downtown is $40, and the least $17 when departing the airport and heading in other directions. The regular taxi driver tip can be from 10% to 20%. United States dollars as well as major credit cards are accepted on Montreal’s taxis.

Taxis can be accessed by a telephone call too. You have to give them the name and address, so if you are outside of the airport, for example, look for a building’s number, tell the taxi company and proceed to stand in the building’s doorway. If you get a taxi before the one you called reach for you, it is recommended that you do the polite thing and call them back to cancel. You may call any one of the following taxi companies: Taxi Diamond - 514-273-6331; Taxi Hochelaga - 514-256-9033; Taxi Co-op - 514-725-9885; Taxi Turcot - 514-825-8743; Taxi Champlain (514-273-2435). A taxi can also be reserved in advanced. In Montreal, there are more than 400 special taxis that handicapped persons may use. The rates for these are like the regular taxis and the service is accessible everyday throughout the year.